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First responder

Mountain rescuer

Emergency Dispatcher

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For rescuers,
by rescuers.

We help rescuers be faster, safer and wiser during a mission

If your vocation is as follows, then you're in the right place!


Who we are

We are a dedicated team of professionals that build software for rescuers, by rescuers. At SureVIVE many of us have a background in building and operating mission-critical applications and some are even rescuers themselves.


Swiss cantons as customers for first responder alerting


Missions handled via platform 






A platform that allows to quickly identify and alert the right rescuer to intervene in emergency situations, particularly in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  Every year in Switzerland more than 8,000 victims are affected by a SCA and less than 5% survive. In addition, for every minute without first aid, the chances of survival are reduced by 10% . In Swiss Cantons where Momentum is used, victim survival rates have increased by nearly 50%.

Moreover, our latest product, the Momentum ARMC platform, allows for different groups of rescuers, such as mountain rescuers or swift water rescuers, to be alerted according to their needs in the same mission, all sharing a common situational awareness image.

In total, the Momentum application family consists of four applications, each tailored to a specific use case:

  • Momentum Emergency System

  • Momentum for First Responders

  • Momentum ARMC

  • Momentum Communication System


An innovative tracking device that helps locate people that are lost in the mountains or buried underneath an avalanche. ArvaDOS consists of a hardware device capable of communicating with mobile phones. The device may even be embedded inside a piece of clothing and uses Low Power Wide Area Networks for long distance or peer-to-peer communication.


DriveOnStreet is a cutting-edge system that allows operations centers to manage their rescue vehicle fleet. It is designed for geolocation of emergency vehicles, dispatch management, and direct communication between an operations center and individual mobile units.

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/01 Momentum Emergency System

A mobile app that is used by companies which want to alert rescuers and resolvers from corporate emergency response teams  in case of corporate emergencies.

​The goal is to have first responders on the scene within three minutes of an incident occurring.

Momentum for First Responders

/02 Momentum for First Responders

A first responder app that allows community first responders (CFRs) across Switzerland to intervene in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Each CFR can receive push notifications directly on their cantonal app from the local 144 dispatch centre and can confirm their availability.


/03 Momentum ARMC

An alert and mission control system operated by Alpine Rescue Switzerland and various other rescuers groups for terrestrial and airborne rescue missions that helps saving people by reducing alert and intervention times.

Through Momentum ARMC, each rescuer in the field has access to his own, local situational awareness view.

Momentum ARMC

/04 Momentum Communication System

App used to communicate with citizens and professional rescuers during extraordinary situations based on two environments:

  • The public environment provides official and up-to-date information from the authorities, including emergency contacts, to citizens

  • The professional environment allows to receive official information from the authorities and to accept requests for assistance according to one’s expertise and availability

Momentum Communication System

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Our mission is to create user-friendly & cutting-edge technology to help rescuers be faster, safer and wiser during a mission with the goal of saving more lives by reducing response times.


We can help rescuers save lives with the use of technologies


We design all our products for rescuers, by rescuers


We operate a life- saving app for rescuers to help them reduce response times and obtain better situational awareness

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