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Momentum Eye is more than a simple video support via smartphone

Critical Clarity: Momentum Eye enhances Emergency Response, providing uniform situational awareness to rescuers and support to civilians at the scene.

Momentum Eye is a flexible, easy-to-use module that enhances uniform situational awareness for rescuers and provides peace of mind to civilians. 

Locate the caller

Fast, targeted help from a simple phone call

App-free connection

Web-to-web based connection allows for connection to any smartphone device with no pre-installation required

Secure & Encrypted

Maxiumum data and privacy protection guaranteed to users with prompts for consent before sharing sensitive information


Live-video streaming to see the the site of the emergency


Take photos of injuries to forward to attending healthcare professionals

Accessible to all

Live, in-text translation available. Chat feature available for those who may be hard of hearing.

Share your screen

Screen-sharing option allows you to show important documents like First-Aid guidance

BIDI feature

Personal, remote support through the BIDI function to have direct contact with the patient

Comprehensive Report

Download a complete documentation of the session including chat and images 

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