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Momentum "bemyheart"

The reliability of Momentum alerts with CorPatch® CPR support!

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Be quicker
Get alerted and perform CPR for cardiac arrests near your home, workplace, or current location through geo-referenced alerting and navigation.

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Be better
Receive real-time input on your smartphone screen about the quality of a CPR you perform.

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Be there
In case you need assistance from an emergency  dispatcher, easily stream real-time images or video from the mission location.

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Be quicker, be better, be there.

Be my heart!



CorPatch® is a pocket-sized medical device with a free app that can be opened from the Momentum mobile-app. Use both apps to prepare yourself for and perform fast, high-quality CPR in case of a nearby cardiac arrest.

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How to use

Momentum "bemyheart"

Steps and screenshots


To save time in an emergency, it is necessary to download the app beforehand, register and perform the configuration.



If you want to be alerted whenever a cardiac arrest occurs near you, use Momentum for georeferenced alerting.


In the Location menu, activate the "Alert according to your position" flag. In the same menu, check that "Location service" is set to Yes and that "Allow access to your location" is set to Always.


In the Heart rate tab, you can access both Momentum's basic CPR frequency feedback and the high-quality CPR feedback of CorPatch®.

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If you access CorPatch® and have not yet downloaded the app, the link to your app store will open. In case you already have the app installed, tapping on the section will open the app and you can start getting feedback during CPR.



Please log in to use the CorPatch® app.


Emergency mode

Tap three times quickly to activate emergency mode



A guide that explains how to act step by step during the rescue is activated.



While performing chest compressions, you will receive real-time feedback to your cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Momentum "bemyheart"

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