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For rescuers,

by rescuers.

How Momentum is already helping you save lives.

The most important feautures
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  • Where can I download the Momentum app?
    There is currently a different version of the Momentum app for each canton. You can download it from the Apple AppStore (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones). We have compiled an overview of the download links here: sureVIVE | software for rescuers, by rescuers | Mendrisio
  • In which languages is the Momentum app available?
    The Momentum app is available in German, French, Italian and English.
  • What exactly is Momentum?
    Momentum, which is used for alerting first responders, consists of the mobile apps of your respective canton, a web application in which operations centers can see the position of alerted first responders, for example, and a server application that stores your user information, for example, and carries out the alerting.
  • How am I alerted via Momentum?
    Momentum alerts you via push messages that are sent by the Momentum server application in the event of an operation and contain basic information about the operation. As soon as the push message is received on your device, an alarm sound is emitted, which you can configure yourself.
  • According to which rules am I alerted via Momentum?
    Momentum can alert you about your current location, which is determined anonymously in the background (geo-referenced alerting), can alert you in communities selected by you (community-based) or alert you in a certain period of time for each community (scheduled alerting).

“Quello in cui trovo che Momentum dia tantissimo è quando l’ambulanza è molto lontana, quindi ci vuole tanto tempo prima che arrivi sul luogo e le persone che hanno chiamato sono in difficoltà e non riescono a fare niente, quindi prima arriva l’aiuto (il first responder o il rapid responder) prima riusciamo a fare qualcosa. Questa è una bellissima soddisfazione. Momentum in questo caso ci aiuta veramente tanto!”


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